White candle in glass jar with a wooden wick, an amber citrine crystal, and some dried orange peel embedded in the top.

'Charmed' Ritual Soy Candle

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Charmed is a vibrant scent made with ceremonial Frankincense & Myrrh and Orange essential oils.  This candle is perfect for those days you need a little self care & prosperity.  Frankincense is known to reduce stress while improving your memory and orange will uplift your mood and create joy in your heart.  When you are feeling a little down and need a boost, Charmed is the candle you will want to burn to aid in lifting your mood and calling in abundance. These soy candles use reclaimed wooden wicks to ensure the cleanest burn, which is safer for allergies & asthma.  As a bonus, it burns low and slow. Citrine Crystal on top; 45-hour burn time