Candle in a clear glass jar with a black lid. Label says "Old Soul Artisan, Sacred, White Sage and Lavender, Incantation Collection."

Sacred - 4 ounce soy candle

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Sacred is dedicated to the practice of smoke cleansing. Containing soothing lavender and earthy white sage, it is a sophisticated and complimentary blend of herb and flower. Lavender has been used for thousands of years to purify both body and soul. Its gentle aroma is calming, stress reducing, and mood improving. The perfect companion to lavender is white sage, a highly respected and beautiful pale green plant with an earthy and herbaceous aroma. The Latin word for sage is salvia which means ‘to heal.’ With its natural antimicrobial properties, it’s no wonder white sage is perfectly suited to clear negative energy from space and objects. Burning white sage promotes healing, wisdom, and spiritual clarity. Infused with natural essential oils, this fragrance honors the sacred practice of using herbs to cleanse both body and space through fire and smoke.

This candle is part of the Incantation Collection, scents inspired by the flowers and herbs used in magic and found throughout folklore and ancient texts.